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What is Reseller Hosting?

There are many types of hosting, reseller hosting being an important one amongst them. Lately, reseller hosting is making more money than traditional hosting. So what exactly is Reseller Hosting? It is just as the name suggests- reseller hosting. Reseller hosting is a form of hosting in which the reseller acts as a middle man and sells web space on somebody else's server. So the reseller purchases a web host's service and then resells them at a profit to other customers. The reseller could either buy a dedicated server or purchase a reseller hosting plan and then sells the hosting to others through his hosting company. Generally the host provides the reseller with the web space, bandwidth, technical support and other hosting related features, while the reseller himself has to provide customer service to his customers. In reseller web hosting, the reseller himself has to handle the marketing aspect.

There are many advantages of reseller hosting. One can start off with less expenditure even though good marketing techniques get high profits. There is a huge- I mean- HUGE market for hosting as the internet is expanding at an incredible rate. Every day gives birth to millions of new websites, each needing a web host. This phenomenon has given reseller hosting an incredible boost. What's more is that you can be the best web hosting reseller without knowing a thing about hosting. You can start off with a low budget, which would not have been the case if you started your own hosting company with your own servers and data center. The best part is that the best web hosting reseller programs make it extremely convenient for you to roll off your reselling program. Not weeks or days, just a few minutes and you are on your way to making it big. You do not need to worry about technical support either. Most web hosts will offer that to your clients.

Once you have your reseller hosting up, you can be reselling that service with your own brand name to the whole wide world. You do not have to worry about the infrastructure or the technical support- just find an affordable reseller hosting plan and start making money. With no server, no worries and no exuberant costs, you can build your very own company name in reseller web hosting. If you want, you can later diversify your own brand. Once you have chosen your web host, get down to making multi-packaged and multi-tiered service plans for your clients.

The reseller can advertise the service for the web hosting company and lure customers who buy directly from the web host company. The reseller gets a percentage according to leads he sends. The second way is that the reseller advertises the web host company services and sells on their behalf. Lastly, the reseller appears to be a web hosting company on his own and sells off the web host's services under his own name and according to his own packages. Whatever type of business you choose to do within reseller hosting, you are entering a very rewarding business and we wish you the best.