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Colocation for web hosting servers is a very popular service. Web hosting servers need reliable uptime for the web sites that are hosted on them. Some web hosting companies host between 1 and 1,000 web sites on a single web server. Each web site can be the main representation for a company. Reliability of the Internet service is imperative and the web hosting colocation uptime will reflect the companies whose sites they host.

Web Hosting Colocation Reliable Servers

The hardware supplier selected for web hosting colocation is an important consideration. Some data centers have a variety of options for the server hardware provider such as Dell or InterPro Micro to warranty the hardware right in the colocation facility, and if necessary perform warranty work right in the data center. Be sure to get web hosting colocation at a facility where the servers have backup options to provide a guarantee of reliability.

Web Hosting Colocation (OS) Operating System Reloads

When collocating web hosting servers in a data center, be sure that the data center offers services to reload the OS onto your web servers if needed. This will make it easier to grow and reuse hardware for current and future clients.

Web Hosting Colocation Dedicated Servers

Another option sometimes selected for web hosting in a colocation data center is web dedicated servers. There are a few benefits to be gained and a few features lost when selecting this service. Many companies do not allow a hosted dedicated server customer to have root access and thus they cannot insToll some types of software. This limits the problems that can occur for the colocation hosting provider, but it also limits the use of the hosted dedicated server. Be sure to choose a service that best meets your needs.