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1U Colocation and 2U Colocation

We can provide you with a safe and reliable environment for your storage needs when you own a 1U or 2U server. We provide some of the most competitive prices in the industry on all of our colocation hosting racks.

Designed with cutting edge electrical features and ample cooling systems our colocation ensures the ultimate performance and availability of your systems under any condition. The facility requires the use of electronic cards for entry and is guarded 24/7 by expert security staff to make sure that only authorized personnel can gain entry into the building. Additionally, your servers are protected in secure racks and supervised by a network of closed security TV cameras for extra protection.

Positioned next to our One Wilshire location is our American Telecom Center. Our American Telecom Center offers supreme connectivity to the Pacific Rim. Through 24/7 manned security, biometric palm scan authentication, redundant UPS and diesel generators, and in-depth environmental controls, our American Telecom data center is considered the fastest, most reliable service for clients connecting to East Asia.

Our 7th Street Los Angeles mission-critical data center features 450,000 square feet of space. With our comprehensive HVAC and electrical infrastructure and our prominent telecom network access, this data center is considered one of the most prestigious facilities in the western United States.

Additionally, our Quinby Building datacenter in Los Angeles proudly connects into the One Wilshire. Supplying leading connectivity to the ISP's in the world with 150% of maximum air conditioning capacity, along with backup diesel generators and a 24/7/365 manned operation, the Quinby data center continues to provide superior services to our clients.

A Colocation Hosting Service You Can Count On

Voyage Technologies is company you can trust with your sensitive business data and web traffic. When placing your servers in the hands of our reputable organization we provide you with a facility equipped with the knowledge, tools, network scalability, resources, and financial stability needed to remain competitive in a fast growing market segment.

Complete Control and Unwavering Managed Support

You receive 24/7 access to our colocation facility as a Voyage Technologies customer. This allows you to manage your server as you see fit. We also provide fully managed colocation hosting services for clients that need aid managing their systems. You have the ability to choose exactly what level of management is needed, customizing a package calculated to meet your exact requirements.

Choose your configuration 1U Server 2U Server 4U /Tower / Server 1/4Cabinet(10U)

Starting Bandwidth






1x 100Mbps 1x 100Mbps 1x 100Mbps 1x 100Mbps

Free IP's

5 (/29) 5 (/29) 5 (/29) 29 (/27)


1 outlet 1 outlet 1 outlet 10 outlets

# of Servers

1 1 1 1-10

Setup Fees (USD)


Monthly (USD)

$75 $99 $199 $399

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